EL PASO, TX – If you have noticed more food trucks gathering around El Paso, you’re right!

“We are here at the Title Max on Mesa Street and Remcon Circle on the west side, we are here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Arturo Nevarez, owner of Big Dogs Hot Dogs said.

It’s a schedule like that for these food truck vendors firing up their generators which have just become routine in the past few months.

“There’s a good atmosphere and plenty of food,” Gandy Vargas said as he enjoyed a dish from one of the food trucks.

“We have a little bit of everything. We have tacos. We have pizza,” Nevarez said of all the different types of food trucks he sees in El Paso.

Nevarez said this gathering wouldn’t be possible if an old ordinance on food trucks was still in effect.

“You couldn’t be parked at a certain spot for 20 minutes. You had to be going around and the customers would flag you down and you couldn’t be near a restaurant,” Nevarez said.

That ordinance ended in 2011.

It’s paved the way for the food truck industry to really gain some traction in El Paso.

According to El Paso’s Department of Public Health, this year so far there are 384 mobile food vendor licenses.

It is still less than Austin’s 1,119 permits issued for city and county combined this fiscal year.

But compare that 384 number to the time the ordinance was still in effect — there weren’t even 250.

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