LOS ANGELES, CA – This morsel of information on the actor’s love of food trucks came from a full interview from The Huffington Post.

You Tweeted about the Kogi BBQ Truck swinging by to provide nourishment for the cast and crew.
Yes, we had Kogi come by. A lot of trucks were coming by; different people on the show were paying for trucks as a celebration for ending the show. The cast bought the Kogi truck. Oh, and what’s that creamery, that really good ice cream truck … Lake Street Creamery!

Do you like food trucks?
I love food trucks. There was a backlash after things got so intense in Los Angeles with how many started to crop up everywhere. But that’s to be expected. Just because it’s out of a food truck doesn’t mean it’s going to be a culinary explosion in your mouth. What I love about the food trucks more than anything is that they seem to usher in this excitement around food in LA. And I think that’s sustained.

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