EUREKA SPRINGS, AR – A Eureka Springs entrepreneur hopes to take his business mobile, but first he will have to get the city’s approval.

The Eureka Springs City Council is tackling the issue of whether to allow food trucks to operate in the city year-round. Now food trucks are only allowed in the city during special events like festivals, and vendors must get a permit.

Victor Smith owns the business Catered Creations and says the city will only allow him to get 11 permits per year, but he wants to be able to operate full-time.

City Council discussed the issue at its last meeting but first wanted to hear from the Planning and Zoning Department.

“Food trucks could be coming in from anywhere in the U.S., they could be bringing their food with them, they bring their employees with them, they don’t pay property taxes, they don’t support the school system in the community and they could be here today and gone tomorrow,” says city councilman and restaurant owner James DeVito.

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