PHILADELPHIA, PA – A relative of a mother and daughter, who died last July after their food truck’s propane tank exploded in the Feltonville neighborhood of Philadelphia, filed a lawsuit against U-Haul and the company that designed the food truck kitchen.

Uliser Galdamez is suing U-Haul, which regularly refilled the outdated propane tanks, and Eri Vending Cart Inc., the company responsible for designing and installing the food truck kitchen.

Galdamez’ mother and sister, Olga and Jaylin Galdamez, who were aboard the food truck, died from their injuries last July after a 100-pound propane tank in their La Parrillada Chapino food truck exploded, injuring 11 people.

The lawsuit was filed by Feldman Shepherd attorneys Alan M. Feldman, Daniel J. Mann andEdward S. Goldis in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.

In the lawsuit, the amount in controversy is “more than $50,000.” The people entitled to recover damages for the death of Olga Galdamez are sons Uliser and Marcos, and daughters Astrin and Seiry Galdamez.

“In Pennsylvania, plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit are not permitted to ask for a certain sum, nor can a sum that is sought be referenced in the complaint that is filed,” Mann said.

Plaintiffs can only certify to the court that the amount in controversy exceeds $50,000, he said. Every dispute less than $50,000 goes to a panel for arbitration.

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