FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Mike Godina ventured into food trucks four years ago, and by all measures, has cooked up something special. His GringoDillas, co-owned with Eldan Zvida, was voted among the top three Arizona food trucks in 2014 and Best of Flagstaff for 2016 and 2017.

GringoDillas Food Truck offers choices such as gourmet quesadillas, hot dogs, tacos, BBQ sliders, hot dog burritos and French fry baskets priced at $10 or less. Food sales at its location behind 7 Aspen Street are not allowed during the day. Hours are 9 pm to 3 am, perfect for university students and late-night food cravings.

“Food trucks are an awesome industry,” Godina said enthusiastically. “You can be as creative as you want and sell whatever you want to people. I love my crazy life.”

Godina and Zvida also own two other food businesses: GoGo’Z and Falafelicious. GoGo’Z showcases quesadillas, hot dogs, Middle Eastern pitas and sandwiches in a drive-thru on Historic Route 66. The Falafelicious food truck is reserved for catering and special events, including beer tastings, music festivals, concerts, art walks, weddings and corporate lunches.

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