FLINT, MI – There’s a new type of truck rolling down the bricks of The Vehicle City. The owner of Vehicle City Tacos is certainly grabbing the attention of late-night snackers but he’s also leaving a more permanent impression on some patrons.

A passion for cooking and The Vehicle City has led Dan Moilanen to a new venture, his taco truck.

“We’re really starting to see an economic revitalization and really starting to see a vibrant downtown so I thought it’d be something really cool to see,” says Moilanen.

Word of the food truck is spreading on social media but Moilanen wanted to get the word out in a different way.

“People have been thrilled about our food and really excited about what we’re doing,” says Moilenan.

So he made a wager.

“It actually came from a place in Chicago called Hot Doug’s,” says Moilenan. “They had the same deal, if you got a tattoo of their logo and their name, you could get free hot dogs for life.”

But who has the same passion for both tacos and Flint?

“I thought it was kind of fun and I’ve been a big proponent of the tattoo culture,” says Moilenan.

Kris Kimber is taking his love for tacos to a whole nother level.

“I think it shows dedication in a lot of ways,” says Moilenan.

Kimber’s tattoo featuring Flint’s famous arches over a taco.

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