A year and a half later, and local restaurants haven’t shut down and food trucks haven’t caused destruction of the Delray Beach community. Surprise, surprise! Pilot programs should never exist for longer than a year. We understand that politicians like to float trail balloons before permanent action, but it should never take them this long to realize that food trucks have a place in their cities.

DELRAY BEACH, FL –  They’re taking over South Florida, and soon you may see a lot more food trucks in Delray Beach.

The city is considering making a pilot program permanent. It would allow food trucks in the city and expand the hours and locations where they can set up.

It’s music to the ears of Susan Burdzilauskas, who operates a food trailer called Flavor of Munich. It specializes in German favorites.

“You don’t have to worry about going into a restaurant, if you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t have to do fast food, you can get something good for lunch,” she explains the benefits of a food truck.

She’s participated in Delray Beach’s pilot program, which started in September 2014. During the trial period, the city tweaked rules. A city spokesperson says food trucks only set up at Saltwater Brewery, which does not have a kitchen.

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