FOND DU LAC, WI – The Fond du Lac City Council unanimously passed an ordinance which would allow mobile food vendors to operate in more areas of the city, but postponed a vote to regulate pedal pubs within city limits on Wednesday.

Mobile food vendors will now be able to operate in more areas of the city, with certain restrictions.

Under the new ordinance, a mobile food vendor must be 100 feet from a licensed food establishment unless it has consent to be closer, it must follow the two-hour parking restrictions on Main Street and it cannot be within 500 feet of events like the fair or farmers markets without proper consent. The mobile food vendor must also provide clearance for pedestrians and the vendor will have certain hours of operations if he or she chooses to conduct business on public property.

In addition, mobile food vendors are not allowed in city parks like Lakeside Park that have contracts with other food vendors or have concession stands open.

Community Development Director Dyann Benson said the ordinance is similar to ordinances in other cities in the state regarding mobile food vendors.

Currently, a mobile food license costs $100, plus the cost of a Fond du Lac County Health Department license.

Council member Catherine Block was in favor of the ordinance with the reminder that it can always be amended if an issue comes up.

“Looking at it legally and practically, it seems logical,” she said. ” I’m in favor of it. In a year from now, if there (is an issue that causes complications, we can amend the ordinance). We won’t know that until it’s out there.”

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