food cart cityNAPERVILLE, IL – When we first read the headline of the original article we were thrilled to see another Chicagoland suburb open their arms to (or continue to in Naperville’s case) to the mobile food industry. Then as we read into the article the thrills turned into eye rolls. Wow, the city is is going to allow two whole food carts to operate…how generous.

Downtown Naperville likely will continue to be home to two mobile food carts for the foreseeable future, but the fare may not always be limited to red hots and ribs.

The city’s Downtown Advisory Commission members agreed Thursday to recommend to the city council that the 3-year-old food cart program be allowed to continue in perpetuity with the number of permits restricted to two. The recommendation also suggests the city annually seek requests for quotes from all interested companies, with a deference to established vendors.

Councilman Joe McElroy, who also sits on the commission, said he supports renewing the food cart program as long as the permits are capped at two.

“We finally have this thing working well so let’s leave well enough alone,” McElroy said.

“If we expand it, we’ll cause more unrest and I really want this to be less of staff’s life.”

So the reason they left the program at two permits was because if there were more, the life of the council would be disrupted by angry brick and mortar store owners? Well, now I understand their thinking…*rolls eyes again*

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