Brace for a cartoon series about food truck culture: A new show called Chow-Fuhn is aiming to raise $120,000 for production costs via KickstarterChow-Fuhn is the brainchild of Gabriel DeFrancesco — who has worked on both The Simpsons and Family Guy — and claims to be the “first ever animated ‘Sci-Foodieomedy’ series” (that’s science fiction foodie comedy).

The show is about a food truck owner named Colonel Chow (voiced by Bobby Lee), with “a mockumentary twist about the competitive world of food trucks.” The Colonel’s Chow food truck is known for its fortune cookies containing nuggets of wisdom like “The secret to longevity is spite”; there’s also a wormhole involved (that’s the sci-fi twist). The supporting cast includes Jon Lovitz as the voice of Gerhard Fuhn, Chow’s arch enemy who owns the first Michelin-rated food truck, The Wienie Genie; and Margaret Cho as Mimi, Colonel Chow’s daughter and sous chef.

While the ethnic stereotypes that Chow-Fuhn appears to portray will no doubt raise some concerns — the Colonel’s signature dish is somewhat incredibly called the Pearl Harbor, and the truck’s porta potty is on a rickshaw — the Kickstarter attempts to explain that away: “Food fusion is at the heart of the food truck craze. New and exciting dishes have emerged from this eclectic mix of street food and gourmet foodie culture. In a similar eclectic spirit, Bobby Lee, Margaret Cho and Jon Lovitz crafted their ‘cartoon’ voices, bringing to life ethnic characters with dignity, while keeping the comedic spirit alive in their delivery.”

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