Boka Truck

Image from Yelp

RICHMOND, VA – In the next two months, Richmond will have at least one food truck court in the city and a food truck rally in Shockoe Bottom.

In April, Patrick Harris of Boka Truck plans to launch at least one new food truck court in Richmond.

The food truck court will open the first week in Aprilat 428 N. Boulevard, in the parking lot of the Virginia Historical Society (VHS). This will be a collaborative effort between the property owners, VHS, and seven or so food trucks—trucks being the operative word.

No carts or trailers are included in the line-up of seven trucks.

“It’ll be a coming-out for two of these trucks. Dressed & Press Truck (@DressedandPress) and Sustenance Truck (@SustenanceRVA) are both new. One of those guys worked with Mario Batali, not in the kitchen, but with him. He’ll be serving duck salad with truffled vinaigrette,” said Harris.

Harris is spearheading the efforts at the VHS, but stresses that he is not in charge. All of the trucks carry their own insurance and have signed an agreement of standards of conduct with the property owners.

The plan is to operate the food truck court on Tuesdays and Fridays for the next two weeks, then meet by committee to discuss results and whether or not to continue the effort.

“I honestly don’t know what the results will be, but good community participation will help. We will see how many people can come out to support us,” said Harris.

The museum is a free cultural touchstone with outdoor tables and parking and a lot of potential to claim being the host of one of the first food truck courts in Richmond. It’ll be the consumers that decide if the court stays.

“I want people to be cool. Obviously, if there is littering, negative crowds or irresponsible behavior, than this community effort will fail.” said Harris.

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