PHOENIX, AZ – When many people think of food trucks, they think of the “roach coaches” that frequent blue-collar worksites around lunch hour, but a new gourmet craze is pulling into downtown Phoenix.

Every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., seven food trucks appear at Phoenix Public Market on the corner of Central Avenue and Pierce Street.

These events, dubbed “Food Truck Fridays,” are the brainchild of Brad Moore, the owner of Short Leash Hot Dogs and president of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition, a group of mobile food vendors.

“(Food truck owners) were struggling to find venues so we started conversations with Phoenix Public Market and the city,” Moore said. The first Food Truck Friday took place at the Phoenix Public Market in November 2010.

Market line cook Philip Thorneycroft said before then the food trucks would park on the outskirts of the farmers markets hosted by the Phoenix Public Market every Wednesday and Saturday. Thorneycroft’s boss, Cindy Gentry participated in talks with Moore to set aside a time solely for the food trucks.

“The Phoenix Public Market is popular around here because we sell lots of local products, and it’s a place people can sit and hang out,” Thorneycroft said.

The market is located less than two blocks from ASU’s Downtown campus.

Journalism freshman Will Argeros took advantage of last Friday’s food truck event.

“There was a good variety of choices, it was reasonably priced and everyone was really friendly,” Argeros said. “I would definitely go again.”

Journalism junior Anne Stegen went to a Food Truck Friday this summer.

“It was really encouraging to see people gathered for a cause that is local,” Stegen said.

Moore is optimistic for the coalition’s future with the addition of a new truck, Beach Treat, which will begin carrying vegetarian options in late September.

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