JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Street eats on mobile food trucks are the rage the world over but somehow the craze has missed Israel. Now, the business development department of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Innovation Team (JLM i-team), are hoping to make food truck fare in the capital city a reality — come this summer.

“The initiative seeks to bring a commercial front to areas in the city where permanent infrastructure is currently deficient, serving as a lab for the future development of these areas, while giving participating restaurateurs a chance to reach new customers,” reads a statement.

“The Jerusalem culinary scene is renowned worldwide, appealing to visitors and residents alike,” says Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat. “We want to bring restaurants to residents, workplaces and neighborhoods in order to connect Jerusalemites with their local businesses.”

In fact, street food in Israel is well known. But while food stalls continue to reign supreme, only special one-off events have featured food trucks. There are no food truck pods anywhere in Israel. Yet.

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