No matter where in the world the entrepreneurial spirit is found you can bet their is a chance a food truck will be running. This is perfectly shown in this new truck that has surfaced in The West Bank. Welcome to the industry!!!

WEST BANK – Khaldoun Barghouti, a 43-year-old, and 35-year-old Abdel Rahman Bibi, both former political prisoners jailed by Israel for nine and eight years respectively, former prisoners have just launched an environmentally friendly mobile kitchen in the occupied West Bank.

The concept was conceived in the years leading up to their release, where they contemplated the various ways they could make a living.

“We didn’t want to be a burden on society,” said Barghouti, a married father of six. “We wanted people to benefit from our work, to develop as individuals, and to provide a service. We didn’t want to subsist on welfare.”

Having seen so much a tuna-and-corn concoction in their years behind bars, the two entrepreneurs decided to develop this as one of their many specialties, along with traditional fast-food options such as shawarma, burgers, and sausage, turkey and schnitzel sandwiches loaded with fries and pickled vegetables.

“We only started about two weeks ago,” said Barghouti, who studied IT, history and marketing both in and outside prison. “Right now we are in a trial period, where we are scouting locations, deciding on the most appropriate prices, and figuring out what our running costs are.”

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