Here are three stories that hit the wire this week which centered on the food truck industry.

Food Truck News Review: 1-12-2018

Angry Restaurant Owners Delay Dover Food Truck Regulations

DOVER, DE – Several downtown restaurant owners were not happy to hear about the city’s interest in starting a pilot program for food trucks.

With their concerns in hand, they called the Downtown Dover Partnership and scheduled a meeting with Assistant City Manager Kirby Hudson.

Dover’s original plan was to have 10 food trucks located near the Dover Public Library and City Hall. The city would allow food trucks to provide temporary service Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Most of the restaurant owners said they did not believe the city should gamble their businesses’ livelihood on this program.

After the talking session concluded, Mr. Hudson and the restaurant owners agreed to schedule another meeting for next week. As of now, food trucks remain in a holding pattern when it comes to downtown Dover.

Schwan’s To Build Superbowl Tailgate Truck Tower

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – With the Superbowl right around the corner, Marshall, Minnesota based Schwan’s Company is jumping into the celebration with both feet, with what it is calling the Tailgate Truck Tower.

The four-story concession stand, will be built from six of the company’s iconic gold delivery trucks stacked next to and on top of each other.

Football fans will be able to sample a wide variety of free hot food offerings with a menu that includes chocolate chip cookies, chicken fries, chicken bites, chicken egg rolls, penne pasta with prosciutto and dark chocolate ice cream miniatures.

The tower will be unveiled during the week prior to the Super Bowl, with construction starting soon. When completed, the tower will measure about 40 feet high and 44.5 feet wide, and weigh in at nearly 70,000 pounds according to a company spokesperson.

Toyota Announces Autonomous Food Truck Platform

LAS VEGAS, NV – Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it is trying to combine autonomous vehicle technology with retail applications to create futuristic pop-up shops on wheels, and to top thing off, it has convinced to help.

At a news conference at this year’s consumer electronics show, Toyota showed off a new concept vehicle called the e-Palette. They showed examples that included a food truck, retail shop and donation-pickup vehicle. Partners in the company’s new e-Palette Alliance; which will “collaborate on vehicle planning, application concepts and vehicle verification activities, include Amazon, Uber, Pizza Hut and Mazda.

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