SoCal Tacos

ARLINGTON, TX – There’s frustration among some Good Samaritans who showed up to help tornado victims in Arlington, only to be turned away, because they didn’t have access permits.

Scott Wooley is one of them; he runs the So-Cal Tacos mobile food truck and tried delivering donations and serving free tacos to storm survivors and first responders Wednesday afternoon. However, he and his crew were stopped at a command post and told they needed an access permit.

“The likelihood of a taco truck rolling into that neighborhood and doing harm to those folks, or doing something malicious

[is] zero,” Wooley said Thursday.

“The unfortunate thing is, we had a truck full of food and water and things like that and were unable to serve those folks,” he added.

The City of Arlington said its rules that are in place to protect residents.

“I think we learned a few things from the tornado that came through in 2000, where there were some folks who might have been victimized by some people who really did not have their best intentions at heart,” said city spokeswoman Rebecca Rodriguez.

She said after a devastating tornado, homes and residents are left vulnerable.

“We’re trying to give them an added layer of protection between them and somebody who might not be so well intentioned,” Rodriguez said.

But Wooley believes an exception could have been made for people like him, who didn’t know they needed a permit to help others in need.

“When people are needed, they step up,” he said. “For the most part, people show up. And to not be able to do what they need to do and want to do, it’s frustrating.”

Wooley vowed to continue to serve people when they need him.

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