After a three-month drop, gas prices are back on the rise around the United States.

gas prices increase

AAA puts part of the blame for rising prices on recent refinery issues in the west, south and northeast regions of the United States., a website that keeps track of local gas prices by user submission, points to a jump in crude oil prices from $92 to about $100 a barrel in the wake of positive economic news as another factor in the increase.

The start of refinery maintenance season also is affecting prices, Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan said in a Monday news release.

“Refinery production has taken a hit in the last week as companies begin looking towards the summer driving season, utilizing this time of year for maintenance and any upgrades before gasoline demand races higher for the summer season,” he said.

In addition, oil producer Hess announced Monday it will be closing its refinery in Port Reading, N.J., by the end of February. That refinery accounts for 7.5 percent of the region’s oil production at about 70,000 barrels a day. AAA predicts its closure will further tighten oil supplies in the region.

Lowest Average Gas Prices (by state)

Wyoming 2.866 +0.021
Montana 3.019 +0.033
Utah 3.093 -0.003
Colorado 3.098 +0.010
New Mexico 3.104 +0.014

Highest Average Gas Prices (by state)

Hawaii 4.094 -0.009
California 3.839 +0.025
New York 3.810 +0.012
Connecticut 3.782 +0.017
Indiana 3.695 +0.039