MUMBAI, INDIA – In Mumbai, you’re never too far from a truck. There’s probably one parked in your way as you leave home. A dozen of them will honk at you on the highway. They carry goods, goats, even humans.

Since 2015 the bright, funky and colourful trucks serving on-the-go food have become quite a rage. They’re scattered across Ghatkopar to Borivli and Kharghar and have been giving trendy punters dishes that are hard to find in restaurants.

Now, 12 of these new-age food truckers have come together at Mumbai’s first Food Truck Park, spread across 5,000-sq-ft, in Bandra.

Safety engineer-turned-food-entrepreneur Richard Fernandes, 27, serves five kinds of fries and seven pizzas at his truck, By The Way. “You usually just get peri peri or cheese fries, but we offer Belgian, American, Kenyan, Peruvian and German fries just the way they’re served in the home countries,” he says.

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