SEATTLE, WA – When the Seattle City Council loosened rules this year for food trucks, it cleared the way for trucks to harness their collective power by forming pods of mobile eateries.

One such pod is taking off in Wallingford.  The Uptown Espresso at North 45th Street and Corliss Avenue North started hosting groups of food trucks in its large parking lot last Friday.  On the first night, three trucks drew hundreds of paying customers.

“Every food truck sold out,” said Peter Noble, Uptown Espresso’s president.

He is now organizing food pods in his lot four nights a week, Wednesday through Saturday, from 5 to 9 p.m.  Each night of the week features different trucks.  Four trucks are signed up to be there this Friday.

“If people support it and there’s demand for even more, we’ll bring in more,” Noble said.

Parfait, a Seattle-based organic ice cream company that operates out of a truck, parked in the lot on Wednesday night.  It was the sole food truck there this week, but it will be joined by at least one other truck next Wednesday.

“When they’re clustered together, I think it’s more of a draw for people to come,” said Adria Shimada, Parfait’s owner and chef.  “It becomes more of an experience.”

Food pods are already popular in Portland.  Wallingford resident Brenden Witte frequently eats at pods while visiting friends in Portland.  He is thrilled to see one in his neighborhood.

“Having a greater selection of food choices, how can you beat that?” Witte said.  “Bring on the food!”

Food pods have popped up in neighborhoods throughout Seattle this year.  Most try to offer a variety of food options, including both savory and sweet foods.

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