PLYMOUTH, MI – Concrete Cuisine, a gourmet mobile food establishment, is owned by local chefs Justin Kava of Livonia and Jeff Aquilina of Plymouth. Kava answered the following questions about the business, which opened May 20.

Tell us about your business, including the types of services and/or products you feature.

Concrete Cuisine is a fully licensed gourmet food truck with the ability to service most outdoor functions. Our truck comes on-site and cooks fresh food to order for all of our guests. We are in the Livonia area on a daily basis serving Fresh Eats on the Streets! We are available for numerous events including graduation parties, corporate lunches and events, tailgating, block parties, nightlife, sporting events, etc. Concrete Cuisine’s chefs can execute their eclectic menu for your party.

What makes your business unique?

Unlike ordinary food trucks, we have a revolving menu with food that is cooked onsite to order. We use fresh seasonal ingredients with Michigan products whenever possible. We specialize in familiar foods with a surprising twist.

How did you first decide to open your own business?

The original concept for Concrete Cuisine started as “The Finer Diner.” We planned on opening an upscale diner but quickly found that the cost associated with opening a full-scale restaurant was way beyond our means. A short time later we read an article in Time Magazine about food trucks in L.A. and decided this was the route to go. We decided to take the same idea of familiar food with an upscale twist, from a traditional restaurant setting, to the new trend sweeping across the nation. Thus the conception and realization of an upscale food truck.

How did you decide to locate in the Livonia area?

Having been longtime residents of the Livonia area, we are both familiar with the city and have family and friends in the area who have been extremely supportive of Concrete Cuisine from day one. We focus on serving Livonia and surrounding communities on a daily basis. The business’s mailing address is in Plymouth; the truck is kept in Garden City.

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