As a result of the still growing food truck trend, truck manufacturers in Southern California have seen a huge growth in business, the Los Angeles Times reports. SoCal has long been the place to go for customized cars and motorcycles but as of late, companies from around the country are seeking out customized gourmet trucks as well, from businesses formerly centered around so-called “roach coach” catering trucks. Not only are small businesses in pursuit of food trucks, but also universities, industrial food services and franchise restaurants.

The food truck business boom does spark fears of oversaturation, however. Orders from the Los Angeles area have already slowed and Eater LA recently declared the food truck scene to be “like so totally over.”

Some truck outfitters themselves are therefore being more selective about what business to take on. Josh Hiller of RoadStoves rejected about 95% of his calls at one point, and he feels that many trucks serve “a mediocre food product” and “cannibaliz[e] each other’s business.”

Either way, Americans are expected to spend $630 million on food this year from mobile vendors, up from last year’s total of $608 million.

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