DENVER, CO – Two food truck workers say they were attacked in LoDo in their food truck, after they refused to serve a customer who used racial slurs.

It was only the second time Terrence Gibbons had taken out his brand-new food truck. Last Friday, two of his best friends were helping him serve his famous barbecue.

“It was Opening Day, and we could not keep meat on the grill all night,” said Karl Umland, Gibbons friend who was helping serve.

Around 8:30 p.m., they said, a group of three men placed an order, and one of the men was yelling obscenities and racial slurs.

“He pretty much singled me out for being black by using a word we’re all familiar with,” said Gibbons.

“Out of nowhere, he basically just threw out the ‘N’ word,” said Umland. “So, we told them to go. We weren’t going to serve them. And that’s when he came up to the food truck and punched me in the face.”

A fight broke out fast, and it didn’t stop until one of the three suspects slammed Gibbon’s head through a car window, shattering it and knocking him unconscious.

“I just remember waking up in the ambulance,” said Gibbons.

Umland was also taken to the hospital, but not before taking photos of two of the suspects as they ran away.

“I told him he wasn’t going to get away with it,” said Umland. “He was, like, ‘Dude, I’m totally getting away with this. My  whole family is rich. We’re wealthy and my dad’s an attorney.’ But photos of the suspects basically went viral within 48 hours.”

Umland and Gibbons said police now have strong leads.

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