NEW YORK – NY – Food trucks seem poised to take over the dining scene. And now, one of the few perks of eating in a brick-and-mortar establishment has been co-opted by mobile food vendors, too. Well, one such vendor, anyway. So far. The Pera Turkish Taco Truck, one of the Tavern on the Green vendors in Central Park, has secured a liquor license to sell beer, wine, and cocktails.

According to Crain’s the truck has set a precedent and two others in Central Park are now planning to apply for a liquor license, as well. Now that the cocktail trend and the food truck craze have merged — properly, it would appear, with drinks at Pera going for $6 to $12 — mobile dining surely cannot be stopped. But with this new legitimacy, the thrill of eating curbside, on the fringes of the restaurant industry, as it were, may be lost.

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