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FARGO, ND – They are a staple on the streets of New York City but you’re about to see more mobile restaurants popping up in our city. Those trying it out for the first time say they’re hooked.

Snug up next to downtown’s High Plains Reader may be one of Fargo’s untold secrets. But after just six days, the ‘likes’ on Facebook have translated to, ‘get in line.’

“We pulled up and thought, ‘Well, this is kind of a random spot,'” says Val Oswald who was trying Taco Brothers parked on 1st Avenue and 8th Street.

“She tagged me on a post on Facebook and I said, ‘Alright, let’s check it out,'” says Ian Berry who came to the food truck with his friend.

Octavio Gomez knew his hot tamales would be a hit when he first started making them at home. Now, he and brother, Raul, are expanding from their kitchen to a food truck. After a cruise down Broadway on opening day, the crowds keep coming.

“There’s just a lot of love for the Mexican food in the area,” says Octavio Gomez. “The tamales were going like hotcakes. We went through 13 dozens tamales in four days. We’ll stay here until it starts chilling our bones.”

For those looking for a different kind of pepper, the Kroll’s ladies are hitting the road. The diner unveiled its newest food truck that’s traveling state-wide.

“We can bring the food to right to where they are,” says Kroll’s owner, Keith Glatt.

So far, there are only two food trucks in Fargo, but expect to see more soon. The Taco Bros. say they’re already hearing from other cooks who want to go mobile.

“The more the merrier,” says Gomez. “I think if we got a food courtyard started downtown in the Fargo area, maybe in a parking lot downtown with a variety of food, it’d be amazing for our downtown.”

Food trucks do have to follow specific food codes. Fargo Cass Public Health tells me they do have to function like a kitchen restaurant with hand sinks, fridges, grills and a proper water waste system. They can also only cook food that require limited preparation.

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