BRANT ROCK, MA – Pests, trash and noise were among the concerns raised last Tuesday when a plan for a food truck park in Brant Rock came before the Marshfield Zoning Board of Appeals.

In the end, those concerns, which board members felt weren’t adequately addressed in the plan, were too big to overcome. The board unanimously rejected the proposal 5-0 late in the evening.

Arthur & Pat’s owner De D’Allessandro sought to create daytime beach parking and a food truck court of 10 trucks, which would operate in the evenings, in a parking lot between her two Brant Rock businesses.

When the board said the outdoor area could not have two such primary uses under town by-laws, D’Allessandro said she would rather have the trucks than the parking lot.

So many residents came to listen and comment on the proposal that the board had to take a short break to open up the partition separating two Town Hall hearing rooms to create more space. Board member Francis X. Hubbard said it was the largest crowd he’s seen since he joined the board last summer. Joseph E. Kelleher, the board’s chairman, said he was “impressed” by the turnout.

“I always like it when abutters come to address their concerns,” Kelleher said.

Though several attendees spoke in support of the plan, the majority response was negative.

Brant Rock residents in particular were concerned about parking and increased traffic in the already busy area. Installing a food truck court in what used to be a parking lot would eliminate parking spaces while also bringing larger crowds to the area, compounding the issue, Kelleher said.

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