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KNOXVILLE, TN – My first real introduction to food trucks came during a visit to New York City, where one is literally parked on every city block.

Food trucks no longer are limited to bigger cities, though. A national food truck movement is afoot and Knoxville might just be on the cusp of its breakout moment.

It’s already happened in Nashville, where the number of food trucks has grown to more than 30.

And while the city of Asheville had banned food trucks from its downtown for two decades, the kitchens on wheels now have their own designated parking lot complete with water and electric hookups.

“Knoxville is a little behind on the food truck scene, but I think we’ll see that explode,” Byron Sambat says.

Sambat and his wife, Nikisha, will soon be hitting the streets in their own gourmet food truck — Savory and Sweet Truck — later this month or early March.

Some already may be familiar with the “sweet” side via Kiki Foods. The Sambats have been providing made-from-scratch baked goods (pies, cookies, tarts, bars, etc.) to various farmers’ markets, the Bistro at the Bijou and The Market at Union Avenue and Gay Street.

The couple had been considering taking their business to the next level for a few years. With the hefty investment that comes with a brick-and-mortar location, Sambat says the food truck eventually became their best option.

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