WEST HARTSFORD, CT – Tate Norden wanted to help the Friends of Fernridge Park raise money last summer by setting up his converted 1959 Chevy Viking pickup truck and selling food. He later found out he wasn’t allowed to.

Under the town’s current ordinances, according to town officials, food truck vendors aren’t allowed on right-of-way streets.

But that could soon change.

Norden, a 31-year-old West Hartford resident and founder of Iron & Grain, Co. mobile bar and grill service launched about a year ago, reached out to town staff to revise and update the town’s zoning ordinance. Working with Norden, town staff crafted a proposed ordinance that would allow food trucks to set up in the general industrial district zone, primarily the New Park Avenue area, town officials said.

“We just see the trend and the interest in the community in having them, so our role is to make sure where it makes the most sense, where it could work without it becoming problematic for the commercial district or traffic or public safety concerns,” Community Development Director Mark McGovern said.

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