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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – A new crop of food trucks is apparently causing problems for Mountain View businesses, city officials say, and City Council members want to do something about it.

Council members voted 5-2, with Tom Means and John Inks opposed, to begin working on an ordinance that could tell food truck owners how, where and when they can operate within Mountain View. Several have apparently stepped on the toes of “brick-and-mortar” restaurants by coming to town on Friday and Saturday nights and parking downtown, among other places.

Code enforcement officers have cracked down.

“There’s been a significant increase in complaints, questions and concerns from residents, neighboring businesses, business associations and food truck operators themselves,” said code enforcement officer Chris Costanzo. “They have questions as to how, when and where they can operate in Mountain View.”

City Attorney Jannie Quinn said food truck operators had to get temporary permits to be at Thursday Night Live events downtown last year.

“Mountain View hates us. They don’t want us to be here,” said Darrel Oribello, a marketer for food trucks.

City staff will soon propose an update to the city’s 56-year old food truck ordinance, which only regulates food trucks that visit job sites. Public hearings could be scheduled in May and a final City Council vote could come in the fall.

The ordinance is aimed at the new trend of “specialty food trucks” that alert customers via Twitter or Facebook, and may be parked for long periods or come to events.

Resident Alison Hicks said she was also concerned about “over-regulating” the food trucks, which she and her friends seek out.

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