LEXINGTON, KY – As the Bluegrass Food Truck Association presents the 2nd Bluegrass Food Blast this weekend  (Friday, June 22 11am-6pm and Saturday, June 23 11am-4pm) the Food Trucks in Lexington are far from free.

The pilot program forecast for this summer when the Task Force began meeting a year ago is not yet in place. Food trucks in Lexington occupied a tenuous, precarious Private-Property-Only position long before the Task Force was formed, and more than a year later, they still do.  Bluegrass Food Truck Association Director Sean Tibbetts says, “the task force has failed mobile vendors, voted against all of our proposed compromises, and is pushing hard to get our hours and locations restricted to a point that will force most of us out of business,” adding, “the task force has refused all compromises from the food trucks, voted to skip review in the committee and is proceeding to city council on July 10.”

In April, the Association hosted the first Bluegrass Food Blast at the corner of Main and Midland, in the rocky lot where a CVS pharmacy was once planned. Over a thousand diners attended, and most vendors sold out. Tibbetts says, “We must figure out how to get our government to listen not only to the mobile vendors, but the overwhelming majority of the public that supports us and wants to see us become an integral part of the community fabric that will result in a more progressive Lexington.”

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