FORT COLLINS, CO – Fort Collins officials want to make sure outdoor mobile vendors such as food trucks and trailers really are mobile.

A proposed change to city code pertaining to outdoor vendors would potentially limit how many days and hours a food truck or trailer would be allowed to set up shop on private property. The potential shift in regulations is in response to vendors who consistently park and do business in the same locations, city staff members said.

An intention behind city rules established for mobile vendors in 2012 was that food trucks would set up on a temporary basis, said Pete Wray, a senior city planner.

However, some vendors have taken to staying in one spot for weeks and sometimes months at a time.

“The idea is that mobile vendors should indeed be mobile,” Wray said.

“Most vendors move on a regular basis anyway, so this really wouldn’t impact them,” he said. “There’s a small handful that have set up on a semi-permanent basis.”

At the direction of City Council, staff members have been working for several months to develop options for refining city code related to mobile vendors.

Staff proposals have changed a number of times in recent weeks, in part due to feedback from vendors, Wray said. Vendors would prefer no additional regulations.

Options for the regulations will be presented Thursday to the Fort Collins Planning and Zoning Board, which will send its recommendations to the City Council.

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