So it seems that the current food truck regulations aren’t enough for some Fort Collins business owners. It’s a shame that mobile vendors can’t do business without constantly keeping an eye on their government to make sure they don’t add more restrictive rules governing the mobile food food industry.

FORT COLLINS, CO – Controversy about potential changes to rules for food trucks in Fort Collins continues to roll along.

A handful of food truck owners showed up to the Fort Collins Planning and Zoning Board meeting on Thursday to voice concerns about proposed regulations that would limit how long trucks may stay on private property.

The issue was not on the board’s agenda, but the vendors showed up anyway. They know the board and other city planning officials are kicking around ideas for rules and recently had a work session on the topic.

The vendors were clear on their takes about additional regulations: Don’t do it; leave us alone; business is challenging enough; we don’t need more complications.

The city, county and state already heap requirements on vendors, they said. To add more, such as limiting how long they may park in a single place over the course of a day, week or month would hurt their businesses.

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