FORT SMITH, AR – Over the summer, you may have seen food trucks parked near Cisterna Park in downtown Fort Smith. However, business at the food trucks hasn’t been doing well.

The parking spots at the corner of Garrison and Towson are reserved for food trucks only. According to business leaders, the problem right now is getting more food trucks to the park for people to enjoy.

City leaders believe the food truck market just hasn’t been established quite yet in downtown Fort Smith. Not only that, leaders want to be able to change the ordinance in hopes of bringing more food trucks to the area.

Leaders think some of the food truck owners might be concerned with the current Fort Smith food truck ordinance, which only allows them to be at Cisterna Park for a total of two months at an additional cost. This creates some uncertainty for their future.

“When city directors talk about this park and the downtown leaders talk about this park, hopefully they’ll have some conversations that could really help enhance the market here,” said Casey Millspaugh, Chairman of Parks and Recreation Commission.

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