You can never forget how dangerous driving a heavy food truck can be and every food truck driver must handle their mobile bistros with these types of incidents in mind. We are glad there were no other injuries and hope the driver is able to recover quickly.

FREMONT, CA – A taco truck flipped over when its driver swerved to avoid a manhole, Fremont police said Wednesday.

The accident occurred on South Mission Boulevard around 1 p.m. and prompted police to briefly shut down the roadway between Las Palmas Avenue and Dalgo Road. The food truck’s driver was injured and taken to an area hospital, police said.

Fire crews urged commuters to avoid the area as they worked on lifting the truck.

Pictures shared by the Fremont Police Department on Twitter show the truck, which has La Costenita printed on it, completely overturned and its roof crushed.

Police could not confirm whether the manhole was covered or not.

One lane was reopened Wednesday afternoon, police said, but did not provide an estimate on when the second would be cleared.

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