FRESNO, CA – When Anthony Taylor sees a lime green truck parked inFresno, his mouth starts to water.

“The grilled cheese sandwich is kind of like a piece of heaven in your mouth.  It’s crazy good,” said Anthony Taylor, a regular customer.

The frequent customer isn’t alone in his love of Dusty Buns.  The food truck, which has been in Fresno nearly a year, regularly draws a crowd of people cooking in the sun, to sample what’s cooking inside.

“I’m expecting it to be good, otherwise I don’t think we’d all be waiting out in the heat for 30 minutes or so,” said Emily Pessano, a first-time customer.

Soon the Fresno staple may hit the road for a national tour.  It’s in the top ten of an online contest to name “America’s Favorite Food Truck” and could win a spot on the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race.”

“It’s an honor just to be a part of this, to have a chance to represent Fresno and what we believe in, which is all this local produce,” said Dustin Stewart, co-owner of Dusty Buns.

Kristin and Dustin Stewart, a husband and wife chef team, are humbled by the exposure.  All they really wanted was to give Valley residents a taste of their own locally grown produce, prepared to perfection.

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