The national average for gas prices continues to fall, as fuel costs across the board are at least 20 cents lower than they were a month ago. Natural gas prices also have declined moderately in the past week, after a several-week upward trend.

Gasoline and diesel fuel

Today’s nationwide average for regular unleaded fuel is $3.50, another drop from the previous week, when prices were $3.54, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

Prices a month ago were 20 cents higher, at $3.70. Last year at this time, consumers were paying $3.66 at the pump.

Today’s mid-range unleaded is $3.67, down slightly from $3.70 last week, while today’s premium unleaded price is $3.80, down from $3.84 last week.

Diesel fuel prices are averaging $3.77, a 5-cent drop from $3.82 last week. The price of diesel fuel is down from $4 a month ago, and from $3.97 a year ago.