GAINSVILLE, FL – Local residents who love food trucks and want to see more of them downtown are in luck.

The Gainesville City Commission voted Thursday to amend the Land Development Code to increase the number of food truck-related events allowed within the Central City District.

Food trucks are permitted as part of the special event permitting process for a zoning district — events that could be held once every 60 days for the Central City District, according to a staff presentation.

Thanks to the commission’s decision on Thursday, business and property owners within the Central City District will now be allowed to host a food truck special event up to once a month instead.

These special events are to be limited to private property and can be held between 5 p.m. and midnight, according to the city agenda.

Basically, the Central City District includes the historic core of Gainesville, City Manager Russ Blackburn told The Sun.

“The current code really only allowed food trucks where the property was zoned for a restaurant, essentially,” he said.

With the new rules approved Thursday, that is no longer the case.

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