SANDY SPRINGS, GA – Food trucks may begin appearing soon in Sandy Springs parking lots, as the City Council on Oct. 17 legalized the mobile vendors to operate outside of special events.

While food trucks can still appear at festivals under the special events permits, the new system also allows a truck to operate at up to five private properties. There are two big exceptions on locations: The trucks can’t be within 100 feet of single- or two-family homes, and they can’t operate outside a brick-and-mortar restaurant owned by someone else.

At a previous council discussion in September, Assistant City Manager Jim Tolbert said the new permit attempts to balance public demand for food trucks with concerns from restaurant owners.

He said the city talked about allowing food trucks a couple of years ago, but got resistance from restaurateurs. On the other hand, he said, the city recently shut down an unpermitted food truck, “and we got a lot of grief out of it.”

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