HAHIRA, GA – Restaurant owners in Hahira are saying they want regulations to control the presence of food trucks.

Barry Robinson, owner of the Hahira Huddle House, spoke on behalf of local restaurants and presented the Hahira City Council with a petition during the Monday evening meeting.

Robinson requested the adoption of a “reasonable ordinance” to control the presence of food trucks outside of major events, which would not limit the trucks during festivals such as the Honey Bee Festival. He said the restaurant owners realize that food trucks bring a lot of people to Hahira, but the trucks also take large numbers of economic dollars out of the community, while local restaurants make long-term commitments to Hahira.

“We provide jobs for members of the community,” Robinson said. “They depend on us for their families economic security and livelihood, and one single day of slow sales can significantly adversely affect the total week sales.”

He said the intention of requesting food truck regulation is to “prevent harm” to the local business community.

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