LOS ANGELES, CA – Everything starts in Los Angeles and food trucks are no exception.

For years you could drive down any Los Angeles street and find a plain, white food truck (nicknamed by the locals as “roach coaches”) parked at the side of the road selling food, but people didn’t know what kind.

Now the LA street scene has changed.

Gone are the plain, white food trucks and instead they have been replaced with customized catering trucks from the inside out.

Companies like California Cart Builder, Wyss Catering Truck Manufacturing Inc., Armenco Catering Truck & Hot Dog Car Manufacturing Co. and RoadStoves are giving restaurant entrepreneurs the opportunity to pimp out their ride with items such as a 60–inch Vulcan grill, large fryer, steam table, sandwich grills, refrigerators and other appliances needed to make a food truck successful. Those same companies are also seeing an increase in their business.

“We’re crazy busy,” said Elma Eaton, chief executive of California Cart Builder, a company in Lake Elsinore that’s on track to make 100 food trucks and catering trailers this year. That’s up from three years ago, when it made only about five trailers and no trucks at all, requoted from a Los Angeles Times article.

The biggest change to the plain white food truck is the exterior.

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