Louisville Grind

LOUISVILLE, KY – Grind, a gourmet burger truck to operate in Louisville, Kentucky has plans to open late Spring/early summer this year by Louisville residents Jesse and Liz Huot.  With a focus on local ingredients including a custom blend of local grass-fed beef.

Bison, lamb and tuna will be available as well as vegetarian options.

The truck is currently fundraising on the popular site, Kickstarter to complete the outfitting of the truck.

Kickstarter offers donations in the form of a pledge which results in donors receiving gifts or incentives for their contribution.  Grind is currently offering rewards in the forms of food vouchers, t-shirts, tickets to their grand opening event and if someone feels especially generous, a catered cook-out for the contributor and 10 guests.  Grind is asking for $5500 total March 1, 2012 to reach this goal or under Kickstarter regulations, they get nothing and all donations are returned.  As of January 18, 2012 Grind was $1400 towards their goal.

The money will go to get the truck up to code for city plumbing requirements, permits and some equipment.  You can find the link to their Kickstarter donation page by visiting their Facebook www.facebook.com/louisville grind.






Jesse Huot

[email protected]