The mobile food industry is making strides in its growth world wide and Food Network UK is doing it’s part to help it expand in the UK.

No, this is not a Brit take off of the American series, but the original 6 episode, 1-hour reality competition series from RelativityREAL for the Food Network that is hosted by chef Tyler Florence.

The Great Food Truck Race provides its viewers an outrageous mobile food trucks competition where the trucks cook their way across the U.S.

Seven teams compete to win over customers and sell the most food, to go on to the next city and challenge. The winning food truck wins a US$50,000 grand prize.

Host Florence says, “Some of the hottest restaurants have no tables, no chairs, no waiters, not even an address! What they do have are four wheels, and some serious competition!”

Great Food Truck Race will air on weeknights at  4 p.m. and 9 p.m. after its UK premiere on June 6.