GREEN BAY, WI – Food truck owners are cautiously optimistic about a new ordinance that would allow them to operate almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Green Bay streets for the first time.

City code all but prohibits businesses from selling out of trucks or trailers except on private property. As a result, the increasingly popular food truck industry remains virtually nonexistent in the state’s third largest city.

That would change under the ordinance headed to the City Council on Tuesday.

Green Bay leaders said they want to see more food trucks in the city as they push to attract more people to the downtown district. The intent of the new policy, they said, is to increase the food truck presence while at the same time protecting established brick-and-mortar businesses.

“When we look at larger cities, this is a concept that seems to work for both the brick-and-mortar companies as well as the food trucks. I think they can compliment each other,” Mayor Jim Schmitt said.

But the ordinance would also usher in a litany of new regulations, from a ban on parking within 150 feet of restaurants to a 10-foot height limit for trucks, which worries some food truck operators.

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