GREEN BAY, WI – An amended food truck ordinance that tightens some restrictions on operators while loosening others received unanimous support from a City Council committee on Tuesday.

The Protection and Welfare Committee gave the proposed ordinance a green light after adding language banning food trucks from locating within 500 feet of Bay Beach Amusement Park or 150 feet from any other parks where concessions are sold.

Those restrictions are on top of a requirement that food trucks keep at least 150 feet away from the front doors of any licensed restaurants.

The committee also deleted a 10-foot height limit on food trucks after owners argued most trucks are much taller. And it struck language that made licenses invalid if owners don’t operate for 90 consecutive days. That provision would have impacted owners who don’t operate during winter months.

Committee members said they believed the ordinance was a fair compromise that addressed the concerns of all stakeholders.

“I feel comfortable with everything in the ordinance at this time,” Alderman Mark Steuer said.

The ordinance will head to the full City Council for a first reading on Tuesday.

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