GREENSBORO, NC – Police in Greensboro say a man broke into a food truck demanding money.

It happened Saturday night just before 10 pm. Officers say the man forcibly-entered an El Torito Taqueria food truck demanding cash and implied he had a weapon.

Police describe the suspect as a white man around 30 years old. He was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, camouflage shorts and panty hose over his head.

With more hot weekends to come, more people will be out and about and using food trucks.

Food trucks bring delicious smells, a variety of food, and it’s a fun and popular way to dine out. However, nobody wants to eat somewhere they don’t feel safe. After Friday night’s robbery — some workers and their customers are on edge.

Crystal Williams is a food truck operator for the “Pulled Piggy,” a truck owned by Darryl’s Restaurant.

“It makes me feel a little scared but it also makes me want to tighten up my safety as far as me being out here by myself,” said Williams.

Emma Vogelsinger loves to eat at food trucks.

“It’s cajun seasoned tater tots with cheese and jalapenos and chili,” said Vogelsinger as she peered down at a plate the size of her head.

However, both Vogelsinger and Williams admit they are a little nervous after what happened.

“I really hate that for the people that run it because they are just trying to make an honest local business and it’s sort of scares people away,” said Vogelsinger. “I don’t think that is a typical thing to happen but it just sort of reminds us that safety is really important with any Business or anything especially at night.”

“Safety is important but I do the best I can with making sure everything is locked down and nothing gets stolen or taken,” said Williams.

Police want anyone with information about the robbery on the El Torito Taqueria food truck to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000.

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