Not all food trucks are for profit businesses. The latest to join the industry is in Greenville, SC where a food truck will be used to feed students of the Greenvile County School district.

GREENVILLE, SC – The latest Greenville institution to get a food truck? Greenville County Schools.

Greenville County Schools today announced that it would expand its Food and Nutrition Services program with the addition of a full service food truck. The truck will hit the streets this summer as part of the school system’s summer feeding program, and will be used throughout the school year to help the Food and Nutrition Services program introduce fun new items to the school lunch menu.

Greenville County Schools director of Food and Nutrition Services Joe Urban alluded to the fact that the district was working on getting a truck last year, but had not finalized anything at that time.

Anderson 5 School District launched its food truck last summer as a way to reach more children during the summer months.

The food truck is the latest in the Food and Nutrition Service’s innovation. In the 2015-2016 school year, FANS introduced new items to school lunch menus like sushi, St. Louis style ribs, Buffalo wings, a mac and cheese bar, a mashed potato bar and Latin Fusion tacos.

The new full service food truck will be used to feed children free summer meals and will be used at schools to introduce new, unique lunch items throughout the school year.

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