aloha plate truckHONOLULU, HI – Three guys from Hawaii embarked on a mission to win season four of The Great Food Truck Race, a popular show on the Food Network.

The local team called “Aloha Plate” made it to the finals. It began six weeks ago in the dream capital of world. Eight teams of food truck rookies took off on a cross-country culinary road trip to win $50,000 and keep their state-of-the-art food truck.

Many people in Hawaii have been following the show because of the team.

“Aloha Plate,” is run by comedian Lanai Tabura, his brother Chef Adam Tabura, and friend Shawn Felipe.

The trio made it into the top three.

“Annapolis is going to be tough. Tikka has a huge lead and Philly has a huge advantage because we’re in their back yard,” Lanai Tabura said.

The team gathered at Sports Fanaddicts Sunday night to watch the finale with family, friends, and supporters.

They knew the outcome, but couldn’t say anything.

“We want to thank you guys for coming to support the Aloha Plate truck. Thank you guys so much,” Lanai Tabura said.

“We made a good amount of money today,” Adam Tabura said. “Tikka had a huge head start. I hope we closed the gap a little bit.”

Aloha Plate was able to do that and became one of the final two.

They traveled across eight states, totaling 3,400 miles, with rain, hail, and snow… and it all came down to this.

“The winner of the Great Food Truck Race… Aloha Plate!” said Tyler Florence, host of The Great Food Truck Race.

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