Calgary’s mobile food fleet has shown that food trucks are no longer deserving of the title “roach coaches”.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Calgary’s expanding food truck flotilla is passing more than just than the taste test, according to results from this year’s health and safety inspections.

No major issues or high-risk violations were found as most of the mobile eateries were put under the microscope earlier this month. Minor maintenance and equipment-related infractions were cited, but nothing that warranted charges.

Chief Licence Inspector Kent Pallister noted there was some media scrutiny of health violations in 2012, but contended the results are exceedingly positive.

“Now in 2014, I believe our food truck operators are better educated in the health regulations and experienced in what is required so we are now seeing better results upon inspection,” Pallister said.

The City of Calgary is nearing 50 of the four-wheeled food wagons, with 46 permits added out, three pending approval and one new application. There was a 43-truck cap under the two-year pilot program that wrapped up last fall.

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