HOBART, IN – The City Council hasn’t yet taken final action on a proposed ordinance that would allow food trucks to operate on private properties in the city, but the panel could do so in coming weeks.

The council reviewed the measure during an ordinance committee meeting Wednesday, and several revisions were suggested.

The measure, which received approval on first reading in July, would require food truck operators to obtain permits from the city before they could begin selling food on private properties.

Councilman John Brezik suggested amending the ordinance to indicate the city’s Board of Public Works and Safety would review each permit request and decide if a permit would be issued.

Brezik said those seeking permits would need to provide a variety of information, including where the food trucks would operate and a schedule showing when they would be open.

The council decided to send the measure back to the ordinance committee last month after it received opposition from Speros Batistatos, president and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority.

During an Aug. 5 council meeting, Batistatos expressed several concerns, including potential affects food trucks could have on existing restaurants in Hobart.

Councilman Matt Claussen said protecting Hobart restaurants has been a primary concern of the council.

The ordinance indicates food trucks must be at least 200 feet away from existing eateries in the city. Councilman P. Lino Maggio suggested Wednesday the measure also set a restriction that food trucks couldn’t operate within 500 feet of the city’s Riverfront District.

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