HORRY COUNTY, SC – The effort to bring food trucks to Horry County may move forward Thursday night. County commission members are still working on how to word an ordinance.

This all started last year and since then a special committee has worked on it. Over a series of meetings, that committee looked at public surveys, and ordinances in nearby cities.

The county’s ordinance lays out a plan for a pilot program for food trucks throughout the county. It provides guidelines for hours of operation, location, distance from brick and mortar restaurants and other businesses as well as the type of signage and merchandise on the trucks.

Horry County leaders considered all parties involved when drafting this ordinance.

“I think it was great that it did have a brick and mortar restaurant who could be competing with these mobile businesses to be a part of an ad hoc committee. So it was interesting having different aspects put in. I think we have a good draft ordinance and we’ll see how it goes,” County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said.

Following an opportunity for more public input at Thursday’s meeting, the county’s Infrastructure and Regulation Committee will review the ordinance for possible tweaks and then the full council will consider passing it. That will take three readings but even if it passes it may not be a permanent thing in Horry County.

“This is a pilot program so it will be once it’s passed, it will be up and running for one year and it will be re-looked at to see how well it went and see if it’s any other additional tweaks that need to be made,” Bourcier added.

If all goes according to plan, the ordinance could pass in the first week of November.

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