hot dog universityCHICAGO, IL – Hot Dog University guides their students through everything from cart selection to purchasing and pricing. You will learn how to assemble the most delicious hot dog you’ve ever tasted. Normally offered at Vieena Beef’s HQ in Chicago, the PhD (Professor of hot Dogs) Mark Reitman will be traveling to Southern California to offer these classes.

The instruction gives you the tools you will need to pursue your dreams. After completing the course, you will have the knowledge you need to step into the wonderful world of working for yourself. With great food and your amazing personality, “how could you go wrong?”


  • July 15th – Los Angeles – SOLD OUT
  • July 16th – Los Angeles
  • July 17th – Los Angeles

Hot Dog U Phd

Twitter: @HotDogU_Phd

Mark Reitman, Phd (Professor of Hot Dogs) at Hot Dog University, the nation’s college of encased meat knowledge at Vienna Beef in Chicago.